These are the reference and future sires, specifically selected for their individual traits to enhance the Denngal herd.

Watasanta Prime Mover 2654 (P).

DOB : 27/07/2019

A standout calf of the drop. Power, meat and muscle on heavy bone. Great head, hooded eyes, ultra tidy sheath, good testicles. His dam is a most eye appealing, thick-set cow by Waco Chancellor. He stands above the top 1%in the breed for growth. Purchased for $72, 250.00

Denngal Tonto T1 (P).

Tonto has proven to be great base sire for our stud. Giving us consistency, carcass and red meat yield. In the early days of our Santa Stud breeding, one of our goals to was to lift our muscle score by 1, from D to C. Tonto achieved this and more.

He also gave us poll, increased testicle size, clean coats, a higher classification rate and longevity. Tonto finished his working life at 15 years old. Semen is still available. 

Waco Xcel (P).

Purchased at the 2010 Yarrawonga/Waco sale. As you can see from this photo the sheer size and volume of this bull is impressive ! With big features such as feet, head, EMA and hind quarter width, he made a significant change to our herd. The results included an increase in sale bull averages and the production of top quality females.

Wave Hill H43 (P).

Purchased at the Santa Central Sale 2014 for his strong characteristics, length, EMA, and structural correctness. With the successful sales of his first sons in 2017, and one paddock sale for $10,000 already on the books for this year, all eyes are on this years' current sale bulls !!


Denngal Legend L3 (P).

DOB : 15/02/2015


Denngal Hustler H33

DOB : 09/10/2012

Denngal Laurie L35 (P).

DOB : 10/06/2015

Denngal Landslide L9 (P).

DOB : 28/04/2015


Denngal Moonstone M18 (P).

DOB : 02/02/2016


Denngal Quip Q59 (P).
DOB : 01/12/2019

Denngal Quadrant Q3 (P).
DOB : 02/01/2019